AS8 Hemoglobin analyzer (HPLC)



General Features
The Fully automated AS8 Hemoglobin Analyzer offers the fast throughput of HbA1c results in 130 seconds, with Hb variant detection, providing the oustanding solution for quick and reliable diabetic monitoring. No sample preparation and very little hands.on time by the operator is required for the AS8 Analyzer.

Technical Specifications
Methodology: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Test Modes: Fast Mode, Variant Mode
Test Range: 3 – 18%
Precision: CV≤ 1.5%
First Sample Result: 7.5 Mins
Test Speed: 1.5 Mins/sample for Fast Mode, 2.2 Mins/sample for Variant Mode
Sample Type: Venous Blood, Finger Peripheral Blood, Lyophilized Whole Blood, Peripheral Blood, 500 ul (150 Dilution Ratio)
Auto Sample Station: 10 Positions
Photometer 415nm + 500nm LED, 20000 Hours Life Span
Reagent kit: Eluent A, Eluent B, Eluent C, Hemolysin, Calibrator, QC Material
Printer: Thermal printer and external laser printer
Information input: Scanner or Touch Keypad
Storage: 4000 Sample Results
Connection : USB, LAN, LIS compatible
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Net weight 50 Kg
Dimension: 580 x 500 x 520 mm


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