ASSEL S.r.l., established in 1991 and based entirely on Italian capital, operates in the field of scientific instruments for clinical chemistry laboratory analysis. Our main business clients are to be found in both public and private, domestic and foreign, diagnostic structures (hospitals, clinics, laboratories) where our products enjoy wide use and success. Among these bear special mention manual and automated bench-top clinical chemistry and immunoturbidimetry analysis instruments which, because of their high quality operative technology, are well suited to meeting the demands of laboratories having a routine workload of more than 100 patients per day. ASSEL's constant attention to finding the right solution for an ever-widening range of potential client laboratories has led to an amplification of our instrument line. In addition to those already mentioned, ASSEL's line now includes the following important sectors of automated analysis: - ELECTROPHORESIS - HEMATOLOGY - COAGULATION Furthermore, ASSEL's decade of consolidated experience has led to an emphasis on the strategic importance of being a "service provider" as well. To this end, we have completed our offer by including the following support services/products: - REAGENTS - TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE AND TELEPHONE HELP SERVICES - TRAINING AND UPDATING COURSES Our offices and agencies are located world-wide, making it possible for us not only to provide these products and services throughout Italy and in the most important foreign markets, but also to guarantee our current and future clients fast and efficient support services and assistance.

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