AS510 Hematology analyzer



Tri-angle laser scatter + flow Cytometry + impedance method for WBC.
The 5 part differantition of the white blood cell can be precisely done by colletting the optical signal when WBC pass through the laser beam.

  • The front small-angle optical signal can reflect the information of the cell size.
  • the front large-angle optical signal can reflect the information of nucleus structure and complexity.
  • The side angle optical signal can reflect the information of granularity complexity.

3D Scattergram

3D holographic scattergram displays the accurate 5 part differentiation of WBC.

Double methods for BASO measurement

The first innovative analyzer combined the optical method of BASO (BASO-O) and impedance method of BASO (BASO -I) together, it brings more reliable and stable measurement of BASO pathologic samples, and minimized the analysis failure.



Premium large touch screen
14 inch touch screen with high resolution and sensitivity, can be operated by wearing gloves.

SMART-FLOW fluidic patent technology
The creative SMART-FLOW fluidic technology is a simple and efficient system, which makes AS510 with good reliability and free of maintenance.

Accurate measurement for low value PLT
Advanced Sweep-Flow technology guarantees low PLT samples counted precisely.

Low volume sample consumption
CBC + 5 DIFF mode: ≤ 20 µl, CBC mode: ≤ 10 µl. Ideal choice for pediatrics and geriatrics.

Low running cost
Only three reagents needed for the test, low reagent consumption for single test.

Easy to use
ONE touch to start the test, ONE click to remove error, ONE screen for most of the daily operation. Intelligent turn off power switch.

WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PLT, MPV,  PCT, PDW,  P-LCR, P-LCC, Neu%, Lym%, Mon%, Eos%,  Bas%,  Neu#, Lym#, Mon#,  Eos#, Bas#
1 3D scattergrams
3 histograms (WBC/BASO, RBC, PLT)
4 research parameters: ALY%, ALY# IG%, IG#
Throughput: 60 tests/hour

Dimension: 480*375*517 mm
Weight: 36 kg


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